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Why Implementation is Critical to Applying Change

There is a saying: “Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”. No matter how good the plan is, if it isn't executed properly, chances are it'll fail. Big time. This is, actually, one of the main reasons a lot of small and medium companies lost faith in consulting companies, big and small. A lot of consultants deliver beautifully crafted business plans, huge and colourful excel files and sets of instructions for how to make everything better, only to hear months or years later that it was "a waste of time and resources" for the Client. Painful to hear, whoever you are.

Whether the Client is not the most experienced in applying change, or it is a consistency issue, the consultant should stand by his/her plan and help "inject" it into the organisation. Take what was essentially a recommendation and make it into reality. Sometimes 4 weeks is enough, other times 12 weeks seems too short, depending on a lot of factors: company culture, resistance to change, misalignment with older procedures overlooked in the analysis phase, etc. Calibration is needed between the complexity of the solution and the duration of the implementation, but however you look at it, implementation is critical to the success of applying change!

We, at Prophet, look at your challenges and, together with You, analyse them in depth. Having understood them, with all the underlying connections to various impact areas, we draw a plan. After presenting it to You and agreeing on it, then the real work begins. We cannot do it for you, BUT we will be there to help You get started, select your champions for change, and tackle the first rejection reactions within the organisation. Look at it like teaching someone to ride a bicycle: those first meters are the hardest and a steady hand, helping you balance, makes the difference between a smile and a wounded knee.

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