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I like simple.

I lived through a lot until I turned 40, some months ago. High highs and really low lows. Transforming experiences. I learned a lot. My arrogance turned to auto-irony, my know-it-all attitude changed to all-around curiosity and my entitlement was distilled into sheer effort.

One of the most valuable conclusions that I’ve reached is that everything can be simplified. A really useful lesson, especially in a time in which we have hundreds, if not thousands, of words, phrases and rules about leadership, value, disruption, etc. Without the experience of going through life, I think it’ really difficult to cut through all the bullsh*t and understand that these concepts are actually not that complicated and are based on simple things and actions:

• Listen. Listen some more. You learned new things. Surprising, isn’t it?!

Think. Before you talk. Also, do it before you take action. Not too much and not to little. Just enough, like salt.

• Care. FTE’s, resources, KPI’s. People. Think back; when have you ever encountered a manager that was very efficient and blatantly did not care about the people and you thought “Wow! I want to be just like him!”?

• Ask. Value is all around us. Do not dismiss it. Search it, find it, restore it. Help is there also. Ask for it - it’s not a sign of weakness.

• Change. Start with yourself. Then try to better everything that needs improvement.

• Build. Companies, teams, people. Everything else will follow.

Negotiate in a constructive manner. Build value, don’t destroy it for your immediate satisfaction and your ego. Life is long term. So is business.

Teach. Others taught you. Now you are better, smarter, wiser. Share it.

Simple things. Some of these things you heard from your father. Maybe your grandmother. Or some old guy that looked like he’s lived ten lives in one. Made you wonder how come it sounds like some things you’ve read on LinkedIn. They’re not new notions, even though some paint them with words to look new.

Old stuff. Good stuff. Timeless.


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